First Day of School for the Abbott Class 2

First Day of School for the Abbott Class 1


We are committed to develop your child's social, physical, emotional, and academic growth through a variety of experiences that will help build your child's self esteem and prepare him/her for a promising intellectual future. Our daily hands on activities include:

-Pre reading and

  pre writing




-Social Studies


-Arts and Crafts

-Outdoor and Indoor Play

-Field Trips



2nd day of school and its amazing how they automatically implement pure teamwork in making a big tower. I think we are going to have an awesome school year! ABBOTT CLASS 2 😍

Our small group activity today!! Painting the pumpkins as a group!! What a great teamwork!! Abbott class 1. #teamwork #bluegroup #redgroup 🎃🖌


Some expressions were priceless 😍
Stem project topic is “water” 💦 for both Abbott classes 
“Water is used to put out fires”


Small Group Language Experiment

Abbott Class 2 We carved it and then the kids wanted to paint it. Small group experience language was “ its mushy, stringy orange, it has lots of seeds, we can cook it and eat it” 


Washing Our Hands

Ms. Olga & Ms. Mayra's Class

How does a strainer work?

Abbott Class 2 having some fun on a Friday

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

Music Monday

Taco Tuesday

Wacky Hat Wednesday

Artsy Thursday

Fun Friday Finger Foods